CMI Fairlight IIX

January 17th, 2016

Up for sale is the super rare CMI Fairlight IIX with Midi in top notch serviced condition with a superb package of rare extras like a second lightpen,
an additional keyboard and an assorted collection of aprox. 260 sound disks.
These machines aren’t for sale very often, probably once or twice in a decade and they often have technical problems.

This is a very rare chance to buy a professionally serviced Fairlight IIX with fantastic extras from a reliable source with a 1-year limited warranty.

There is a reason why the early Fairlight was the key instrument for many number one hits of the 80’s.
This instrument was a game changer in the industry, a true iconic legend until today.
The sound of the early Fairlights is so unique and magical it can’t be compared to any other electronic musical instrument ever made.
It could be considered as the future „Moog Modular“ of sampling, waveform editing/drawing and synthesis.

This instrument was serviced by one of the most experienced and well respected Fairlight specialist worldwide :
Mr. Alexander Guelfenburg from Virtual Music. He has been doing CMI Fairlights service for about 20 years. He has repaired, serviced and upgraded many Fairlights from all around the world.

He did an amazing job on this instrument and invested a lot of hours to make this Fairlight IIX one of the finest and probably only specimen available for sale on the worldwide market today.

We are very proud to offer this legendary instrument and we are sure that the future owner of this beauty will be very happy with it for many years.

This Fairlight CMI IIX is in great condition and offers a huge range of interesting and rare sound disks. The audio performance is superb, all channel cards sound as they should, the light pen works flawless for smooth operation and the alpha keyboard is in great condition, too. Although there are some marks of use on the chassis the system is in very good condition and offers the user an exclusive insight in the early state of sound sampling and additive synthesis.

Please get in touch for a detailed service and test report.











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