Summer Break

July 10th, 2014

Our shop in Vienna will be closed from Thursday 17.07.2014 until Monday 18.08.2014. Please note that we won’t be able to answer your emails until we are back in shop. We hope you have a beautiful summer and we will be back for you on Tuesday 19.08.2014. Cheers, Wavemeister

Solton Polyvox FOR SALE

July 9th, 2014

Up for sale is the ultra rare Solton Polyvox with Polyvox K and complete casing.
This very unique italian machine is basicaly an analog drumcomputer, string machine, mono bass synth, organ, programmable sequencer and mixer.
It also features a spring reverb and a chorus !
The cool thing about this unit is that you can even programm your own drumpatterns, bass sequences and chord lines. You can also use the standard on board patterns like “Disco A/B” and “Hard Rock” which instantly produce dark disco magic.

This synth is very unique and bizarre. There are probably only a handful of these in existence worldwide and it was quite amazing for us to find one of these units in very good and working condition.

The sound of this unit is very magical analog, bright and beautiful, you’ll instantly get something great out of this box.
Shiny and dark analog strings and choirs. Very italian sounding, with lot’s of charm.
The organ sounds very 60′s and it could perfectly produce a soundscape for an old Sci-Fi or Horror B movie.

We do not have any manuals or service notes to this unit.
Elektroakustik Wagner just replaced the old battery and did some contact service and cleaning inside.
The unit basically works and sound great.

Price EUR 1.149,-

Contact for more info


Maestro Rhythm N Sound Drumcomputer Fuzz FOR SALE

July 9th, 2014
Up for sale is rare Maestro Rythm N’ Sound  “Sound System”
Very weird and collectable machine.
It is in good condition with some normal wear.
Tested, fully working.
110 V version.

Price EUR 599,-

Contact for more info



Annahmestop bei Reparaturen

July 6th, 2014

Wir können leider bis 18.08.2014 keine Reparaturen mehr annehmen. Voranmeldungen für Augusttermine werden noch bis 11.07.2014 entgegengenommen.

Roland RV 800 Stereo Spring Reverb FOR SALE

July 4th, 2014

Up for sale is the hard to find Roland RV 800 Stereo Spring Reverb from the Roland RSS series.
This unit produces some amazing spring reverb sounds and is a great studio tool.
The RV 800 is built very solid and makes a great impression.

The unit has some normal age related wear and has been fully tested.
The power supply of the RV 800 has been fully recapped with high grade Panasonic capacitors.

Price EUR 1.249,-

Contact for more info

Roland CR 78

June 11th, 2014

Up for sale is the legendary Roland CR 78. The CR78 is probably one of the most sought after early Roland drummachines and has it’s very own sound and charme. If you want to be “in the air tonight” it is the right choice. This CR 78 has been fully checked, cleaned, battery replaced and RAM checked with a Roland WS 1. A new battery holder has been installed so the future owner can replace the batteries him/herself.

SOLD   ( another unit available soon )

Roland TR 727 FOR SALE

June 11th, 2014

Up for sale is a Roland TR 727 in superb condition.

It has been fully serviced and checked by Elektroakustik Wagner.
All faders and pots and connectors have been resoldered, cleaned and treated.
Comes with a linear regulated high grade 12V power supply.
The unit has been cleaned and adjusted.

Price EUR 579,-

Contact for more info

Roland DC 30

June 11th, 2014

Up for sale is a Roland DC 30 analog BBD delay and chorus.
This is a great sounding device especially in combination with other vintage Roland gear.

Fully checked and working.


Sequential Circuits Prophet VS FOR SALE

June 5th, 2014

This great synth from the mid 80′s is the first digital synth that Sequential Circuits produced in 1986/ 1987.
It uses Vector Synthesis to create it’s sounds.
The SCI Phrophet VS still sounds very analog and is a great mix between analog and digital.

Price EUR 2.299,-

Contact for more info

Oberheim Fourvoice FVS 1

June 5th, 2014

Up for sale is the Oberheim FVS 1 Synthesizer from 1977. The Oberheim 4 voice is a very impressive analog synth that was developed based on the Oberheim SEM stand alone synthmodules. Oberheim made the 4 Voice from around 1975 to 1979. The 4 voice is a massive sounding synth with a huge analog polyphonic sound. It has an amazing multimode filter that always sounds great. Playing this synth and panning the voices in stereo sending thru a Mutron Bipahse or other nice stereo effect is just incredible ! In unisono mode you’ll hear a bass sound thats not from this planet. 4 independent LFO’s + one master LFO for pitch, 8 Oscillators, 4 multimode Filters, …. everything you need. The Fourvoice we have for sale is in great condition and plays great. It has some normal age related wear, a few little scratches in the tolex, nothing dramatic. We won’t retolex this synth cause the tolex is still in nice shape and a little bit of patina suits the unit well. All pots and switches work as they should and the unit is exactly calibrated to factory specs. The unit stays in tune and the keyboard is not worn out. It’s a pleasure to play this synth and probably a great investment that will keep it’s value. The unit works under 110V but we can upgrade it to 220V if this is preferred by the new owner. The unit has mini-jack CV / Gate inputs on the front panel, just above each SEM voice.



Roland TR 808 FOR SALE

June 5th, 2014

Up for sale is a Roland TR 808.
The classic drumcomputer.

This TR 808 is great condition and has some normal age related wear.
There are some scratches and wear in the original finish.

It has been fully serviced by Elektroakustik Wagner.
Like all our other vintage instruments it comes with 1 year limited warranty and 7 days return policy.

★ power supply caps changed
★ cleaned , inside and outside
★ factory adjusted

Price EUR 2.399,-

Contact for more info

Roland Juno 106

May 15th, 2014

Up for sale is a classic Juno 106 polyphonic analog synth.
A poly synth that sounds always great, in studio or on stage, the Juno 106 is the first choice for 21st century musicians.

The unit for sale has been fully checked and serviced by Elektroakustik Wagner.


Korg PS 3200

May 6th, 2014

Up for sale is the rare Korg PS 3200 Synthesizer from 1978.
The PS 3X00 series from Korg was made for the professional market and most of the units were sold to well known artists.
There are not many around for sale these days so here is the rare chance to get hold of a specimen in excellent fully refurbished and overhauled condition.

The synth up for sale is in very good shape but has some wear around the original wood panels.
We decided to leave the panels as they are cause we think it is better to leave it original.

After a full recap with high grade capacitors you are able to hear the full beauty of the PS 3200 sound.
The difference after the service was quite impressive and we can say that the PS 3200 is one of the best sounding analog synths around.

The PS 3200 up for sale has been faithfully refurbished in countless hours by Elektroakustik Wagner.
This particular specimen is probably one of the best you’ll find for sale today.
The sound of this beast after restoration is just breathtaking.

- The unit has been fully recapped with high grade Panasonic capacitors
- The power supply has been fully recapped with updated high grade Vishay capacitors
- All potentiometer have been thoroughly cleaned and treaded
- Contact service on all connectors, switches and jacks
- Professional cleaning in and outside
- Exact calibration of the unit after Korg service notes


Roland TR 909

May 6th, 2014
Up for sale is another TR 909
The TR 909 was used on countless records and has been used by many artists around the world.
It has been released around 1983 and it is still a classic today.
This TR 909 works perfect and is in good condition with some wear.
We have priced this TR 909 at a lower price than we usually ask cause this is a sale in consignment and we did not fully refurbish the unit.
We can guarantee that you’ll get a TR 909 that works and sounds great but we are not able to give our usual 1 year warranty on this TR 909.



May 5th, 2014

Up for sale is a Korg MS 10 in perfect condition.
The unit looks and feels like almost new.

It has been fully serviced by Elektroakustik Wagner.
The unit has been fully recapped with high grade capacitors and adjusted to factory specs.
Like all our other vintage instruments it comes with 1 year limited warranty and 7 days return policy.

Price EUR 699,-

Contact for more info

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