Logan String Melody FOR SALE

April 15th, 2014

Up for sale is a Logan String Melody II vintage string synthesizer.
This synth provides you with very nice, warm, fat and cheesy string sounds.

What has been done ?

★ cleaned inside and outside
★ all faders have been cleaned treated

Comes with the complete case which has some wear.

Price EUR 439,-

Contact for more info

Moog Minimoog Model D # 8268

April 4th, 2014

Up for sale is a classic Moog Minimoog Model D ( with early oscillator board ) serial nr. 8268 .
If there is a true synth classic it’s the Minimoog Model D.  One of the first truly compact synthesizers next to the EMS VCS 3 ( 1969 ) and the ARP 2600 ( 1971 ).
The Minimoog was used by countless famous artists around the world for many legendary albums and chart hits in the 70′s.

The Minimoog Model D up for sale has been faithfully refurbished in countless hours by Elektroakustik Wagner.
This particular specimen is probably one of the best you’ll find for sale today.
The sound of this beast after restoration is just breathtaking.

-  The unit has been fully recapped with high grade VISHAY capacitors
-  All enclosed potentiometer have been opened and thoroughly cleaned and treaded
-  We have only used original matched
Moog parts from a NOS Minmoog repair Kit  ( 1 x tempco resistor, 1 x 741 op amp )

-  Contact service on all connectors, switches and jacks
-  Professional cleaning in and outside
-  Exact calibration of the unit after Moog service notes

The unit has been tested and played.
This Minimoog will be shipped with a custom made S-Trig to Mini-jack cable.


Korg Minipops 7

March 26th, 2014

Up for sale i another Korg Minipops 7.
Funny little drummachine  also used by Jean-Michel Jarre on Oxygene.

The unit is in good working order and sounds great. It has some normal age related wear.


Korg Mono/Poly MP4

March 26th, 2014

Up for sale is a beautiful Korg Mono/Poly.
The Korg Mono/Poly is a 4 voice analog synth with chord memory, arpeggio, osc sync and cross modulation.
A very flexibly mono / poly synth with some unique features and sounds.

The unit for sale is in great condition with some normal age related wear.
It is fully working and sounds absolutely great.


Korg EX 800 FOR SALE

March 21st, 2014

Up for sale is a Korg EX 800 analog poly synth module.
This great little synth is basically a desktop version of the  Korg Poly 800.

The unit for sale is in excellent condition with minor wear and works absolutely great.
New battery installed, factory presets loaded and fully checked by Elektroakustik Wagner.
Comes with a non original linear regulated high grade power supply.

Price EUR 399,-

Contact for more info

Simmons SDS V and Simmons Clap Trap FOR SALE

March 20th, 2014

Up for sale is a fully recapped and serviced Simmons SDS V and Clap Trap.
Great sounding drum module from the early 80′s.

The Clap Trap is a very rare clap unit that was heavily used in 80′s disco/ boogie and west coast DAM FUNK …

The Clap Trap is also fully recapped and adjusted.

The units for sale is in great shape with normal age related wear.

The SDS V and the Clap Trap work under 220V power.

Simmons SDS V  - Price EUR 990,-

Simmons Clap Trap – Price EUR 449,-

Contact for more info

Roland TR 606 FOR SALE

March 11th, 2014

Up for sale is a Roland TR 606 drumcomputer in excellent condition.
Fully checked and tested.
Comes with a non original power supply.

Price EUR 499,-

Contact for more info

Roland TR 707

March 11th, 2014

Up for sale is a Roland TR 707 drumcomputer in excellent condition.
Fully checked and tested.
Comes with a non original linear high grade power supply.


PPG Wave 2.3

March 11th, 2014

Up for sale is a rare PPG Wave 2.3 last revision with V8.3 OS.

The unit for sale is in very good shape with only very little wear. This PPG 2.3 is the best we had seen so far.
This 2.3 is a rare late revision with much better keyboard, different blue finish and with original PPG power-supply switchable from 110V-220V (!)

An amazing synthesizer with unique sound and probably a great investment.

Due to the complexity of this instrument we have decided to get it serviced by the worldwide leading expert in PPG.
Virtual Music ; Mr. Alexander Guelfenburg fully checked and serviced this PPG 2.3

What has been done ?

★ System Upgrade from V6.0 to V8.3 from Virtual Music.
Now you have got a lot of new improvements; better Midi, fixed bugs .
★ New LCD display retrofit
★ New lithium battery
★ Powersupply serviced
★ Complete and professional cleaning inside and outside

Virtual Music also made complete status report of the unit, this report can be ordered over our contact form.


Another PPG Wave 2.3 IN STOCK !

Roland Space Echo RE 201

March 11th, 2014

Roland RE 201 for sale.
Like all the other Space and Chorus Echo’s we sold this one is in excellent technical and serviced condition.
This is a premium Roland Space Echo with magic sound and vibe.
The unit for sale is in great condition with only minor age related wear.

★ tapeloop replaced
★ heads cleaned
★ all bearings, movable parts cleaned, lubricated
★ all felt pads exchanged
★ contact service on all jacks, pots and switches
★ fully adjusted and electronic calibration to factory specs
★ fully cleaned


Korg Trident MK I FOR SALE

March 4th, 2014

Up for sale is a Korg Trident MK I

Huge polyphonic synthesizer with a big sound and great look.

The Trident was built by Korg before they came around with the Polysix.
In comparison to it’s successor the Trident has a really smooth vintage sound,
perfect for thick chords, filigree string sounds or even aggresive leads.
You can have those things even at once, with the feature to combine the synth / brass / string sections.

This is the Mark I Revision, which features 16 patches.

The Trident is in good shape and has some wear on the wooden side panels.
It comes with the original Korg manual, original Korg Trident dust cover and original stand !

Fully checked and serviced by EAW.

Price EUR 2.299,-


Contact for more info

Moog Multimoog FOR SALE

February 16th, 2014

Up for sale is a Moog Multimoog.
The Moog Multiomoog is a monophonic synth from the early 80ies.
Great sounding Moog with some nice features like routable aftertouch and ribbon control.

The unit for sale is in great condition with some normal age related wear.
It has been fully checked, calibrated and serviced by Elektroakustik Wagner.

Price EUR 1.799,-

Contact for more info

Oberheim Fourvoice FVS 1 FOR SALE

February 13th, 2014

Up for sale is the Oberheim FVS 1 Synthesizer from 1977.

The Oberheim 4 voice is a very impressive analog synth that was developed based on the Oberheim SEM stand alone synthmodules.
Oberheim made the 4 Voice from around 1975 to 1979.

The 4 voice is a massive sounding synth with a huge analog polyphonic sound. It has an amazing multimode filter that always sounds great.
Playing this synth and panning the voices in stereo sending thru a Mutron Bipahse or other nice stereo effect is just incredible !
In unisono mode you’ll hear a bass sound thats not from this planet.
4 independent LFO’s + one master LFO for pitch, 8 Oscillators, 4 multimode Filters, …. everything you need.

The Fourvoice we have for sale is in great condition and plays great.
It has some normal age related wear, a few little scratches in the tolex, nothing dramatic.
We won’t retolex this synth cause the tolex is still in nice shape and a little bit of patina suits the unit well.
All pots and switches work as they should and the unit is exactly calibrated to factory specs.
The unit stays in tune and the keyboard is not worn out.

It’s a pleasure to play this synth and probably a great investment that will keep it’s value.

The unit works under 110V but we can upgrade it to 220V if this is preferred by the new owner.
The unit has mini-jack CV / Gate inputs on the front panel, just above each SEM voice.

Price EUR 9.990,- + shipping

Contact for more info

Sequential Circuits Drumtraks FOR SALE

January 26th, 2014

Up for sale is a beautiful SCI Drumtraks in great condition.
The unit is in excellent condition and has been stored for many years.

Sounds very punchy and thick !

Latest Eprom version installed.

Price EUR 749,-

Contact for more info


January 13th, 2014

Up for sale is a Korg KR 33 analog drumcomputer from the early 80′s.
Great sounding little box with a pretty thick sounding kick drum.

The unit is in excellent condition, fully recapped and checked.

Price EUR 279,-

Contact for more info

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