Ace Tone Rhythm FR2L

September 18th, 2014

Up for sale is a beautiful Ace Tone FR2L.
This drummachine has a very unique look and sound.
The unit up for sale is in great condition.






September 17th, 2014

Up for sale is a EMU SP 1200 last revision in excellent condition.
This is THE classic hip hop 12bit sampler.
Nothing comes close to the crunchy sound of the SP 1200.

Fully checked and adjusted.

Price EUR 2.499,- + shipping

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Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 FOR SALE

September 5th, 2014

Up for sale is a Sequential Prophet 10 in outstanding condition.
This instrument is around 30 years old and looks like almost new.
The unit up for sale comes in a massive flight case and with original manual.
It was a tour instrument from R.E.M. but it seems they never really used it.

The Prophet 10 comes with factory Midi, the unit will be fully checked, calibrated and serviced.
The sound of this beast is breathtaking.

Price EUR 9.990,- + shipping

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Simmons Clap Trap MK I FOR SALE

September 4th, 2014

Up for sale is the ultra rare Simmons Clap Trap MK I in very good condition.
The unit for sale comes from the original owner who bought it new sometime in the end 70′s.
This very rare version sounds amazing and can’t be beaten by any other clap.

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Roland CR 78 + Roland WS 1 Programmer FOR SALE

September 2nd, 2014

Up for sale is a Roland CR 78 Drumcomputer, the first programmable drumcomputer + very rare Roland WS 1 Programmer in excellent condition.
It is a very unique drumcomputer with its own sound and charme. The unit is in very good condition, fully checked and cleaned.

Many CR 78 RAM ic’s on the used market are not tested and lot’s of CR 78 have dead RAM ic’s ( these are expensive and hard to find )
A new battery with battery holder has been installed and all faders and switches have been treated and checked.
The unit shows very light normal age related wear.
Inlcuded in this sale is the original Roland Start / Stop switch, the original owners manual and the Roland WS 1.
The unit runs under 220V.

Price EUR 1.499,-

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Sequential Circuits Sixtrak

August 29th, 2014

Up for sale is a SCI Sixtrak in great condition.
Great sounding little polyphonic anlaog synth.
It comes with german owners manual, short manual and a SCI Sixtrak product info sheet.

Fully checked, cleaned and adjusted.



360 Systems Keyboard FOR SALE

August 29th, 2014

Up for sale is the very rare 360 Systems Keyboard polysynth with serial nr. A105.
This synth uses digital samples stored on eproms as its main soundsource.
Similar to the eprom based drumcomputers from the early 80′s, sounds on eprom chips can be changed.
The sound of this unit is amazing and very unique.

The unit up for sale is in outstanding condition and has a very interesting history.
( the new owner will get the details )
It has a factory Midi upgrade and the maximum of eprom sounds were installed.
It works under 220V and comes with the original owners manual and some extra eprom sounds.

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Roland SH 101 FOR SALE

August 27th, 2014

Up for sale is another Roland SH 101 monophonic synthesizer.
It is in good shape with some normal age related very light wear.

Cleaned in- and outside
All potentiometers, faders and pcb connectors cleaned and preventive resoldered.

There was a small battery leakage which was cleaned / repaired. This leakage did not affect the pcb or other electronic parts inside.
Fully calibrated to factory specs by Elektroakustik Wagner.

Price EUR 1.090,-

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Korg LP 10 Electric Piano FOR SALE

August 25th, 2014

Up for sale is a rare Korg LP 10 analog electric piano.
This little synth sounds surprisingly very fat. It has a great bass sound and very good EQ section.
This synth sounds really great in combination with a nice delay or phaser.
The LP10 is fully working and checked.

Price EUR 299,- + shipping

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Roland TR 707 FOR SALE

August 21st, 2014

Up for sale is a new old stock Roland TR 707.
It was never used, just stored in a clean and dry environment.
The unit comes including matching box, power supply ( 220V )  and all papers.
Everything untouched.
Very hard to find in this condition.

Price EUR  749,-

Contact for more info


Linndrum LM 2 with JL Cooper Midi

August 18th, 2014

Up for sale is the legendary Linn LM 2. This was THE 80′s eprom drummachine used by many artists around the globe.
The sound of this machine is tight, still groovy and super punchy.
Not comparable to the Oberheim DMX or DX which still holds it’s own.

This LM 2 shows some wear and but is in a good overall condition.
It has a JL Cooper Midi upgrade and comes with the original LM 2 manual.

It was serviced and checked by EAW (Elektro Akustik Wagner ).
The power supply has been fully recaped and a new battery has been installed.
The unit is in clean and fully functional condition.



Roland TB 303 FOR SALE

August 11th, 2014


Up for sale is the ultimate acid machine … the legendary 303.
There are tons of clones out there but the original TB303 is still the original.
Probably the most influential synthesizer in electronic music, contributed on countless records.

The unit up for sale is in good working order with some age related wear.
Some scratches and usual wear. The unit had no battery leakage.

All switches and knobs work fine without crackling or noise.

Price EUR 1.799,-

Contact for more info






Roland RE 201 Space Echo FOR SALE

August 11th, 2014

Roland RE 201 for sale. Like all the other Space and Chorus Echo’s we sold this one is in excellent technical and serviced condition. This is a premium Roland Space Echo with magic sound and vibe. The unit for sale is in great condition with only minor age related wear.

★ tapeloop replaced
★ heads cleaned
★ all bearings, movable parts cleaned, lubricated
★ all felt pads exchanged
★ contact service on all jacks, pots and switches
★ fully adjusted and electronic calibration to factory specs
★ fully cleaned


Price EUR 990,- + shipping

Contact for more info




Korg Lambda ES 50

August 11th, 2014

Up for sale is the Korg ES 50 Lambda. A vintage string synthesizer with preset orchestral sounds.
The string and “piano” sounds are very good and can be layered and detuned.
This creates some cool and cheesy analog orchestral feeling. This ES 50 is fully checked and serviced by Elektroakustik Wagner.

Fully calibrated and cleaned. Please note that the unit shows some age related wear around the wooden parts.
This does not affect the sound, technical condition or the vintage flair.



Solton Polyvox

July 9th, 2014

Up for sale is the ultra rare Solton Polyvox with Polyvox K and complete casing.
This very unique italian machine is basicaly an analog drumcomputer, string machine, mono bass synth, organ, programmable sequencer and mixer.
It also features a spring reverb and a chorus ! The cool thing about this unit is that you can even program your own drumpatterns, bass sequences and chord lines.
You can also use the standard on board patterns like “Disco A/B” and “Hard Rock” which instantly produce dark disco magic.
This synth is very unique and bizarre.
There are probably only a handful of these in existence worldwide and it was quite amazing for us to find one of these units in very good and working condition.
The sound of this unit is very magical analog, bright and beautiful, you’ll instantly get something great out of this box.
Shiny and dark analog strings and choirs.
Very italian sounding, with lot’s of charm.
The organ sounds very 60′s and it could perfectly produce a soundscape for an old Sci-Fi or Horror B movie.

We do not have any manuals or service notes to this unit. Elektroakustik Wagner just replaced the old battery and did some contact service and cleaning inside.
The unit basically works and sounds great.



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