Roland RT1 / RT1L Echoloops

NOS RT1L Space Echo Loops for Roland RE201, RE101, RE150, RE301, RE501, SRE555

We offer brand new echo loops for Roland Space Echo tape delays made with the original tape formula that was used to produce the original Roland RT1L loops.

We have sourced one last remaining stock of unsliced NOS RT1L tape material from the original supplier.

Production for the original Roland RT1L has been closed since the 80ies. So we invested some time and energy to source the original RT1L tape formula.

The RT1L is the only tape that really works best since the 1970ies.

It is the reference tape for developing and manufacturuing the Space Echo, factory installed by Roland in every Space Echo.

Take your chance and buy a brand new tape loop, in the exact same length, made with the exact same material as the Roland RT1L.

Perfect sound, correct feedback behavior, correct flexibility and antistatic qualities.

Approved by factory, made in Japan.

*Please note that we recommend to clean and demagnetize the heads and tape guidance before installing a new loop.










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